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established in 1999

We are NOT a Real Estate Agency! 

We are Property Consultants..

When Lindy and I started investing in the UK property market back in the mid 90's we worked with a number of estate agents around the country, but no matter who we chose or how much we paid them they always struggled to deliver on their promises.

As our portfolio of properties grew the problem only got worse. 

At the time the solution was obvious, we needed to find an Agent who could not only keep up with the volume of properties we where buying, selling and renting but also manage the rental side of the portfolio so that we had a regular supply of happy tenants, who paid their rents on time and where taken care of when any property issues arose.

Unfortunately the reality was quite different, no matter who the agent was, how experienced they where or how large a network they belonged to they simply couldn't do the job we where paying them for and we would always be the ones running around trying to fix their mistakes or neglect.

So after one particularly frustrating drive to the opposite corner of the country to fix a ridiculously simple problem that the agent in that area was unable to solve we decided that something had to be done.

And so....

Cavendish Green was born.

Admittedly, at that point it wasn't called Cavendish Green, but the seed had been planted.

Over the coming months we attended many evening classes and seminars, took lots of exams and started to gain the qualifications needed to start a real agency.

We employed several people to manage the day to day running while we carried on growing the portfolio. The plan at the time was never to have a high street "proper" agency but simply to have our own dedicated team who managed our properties.

But as is always the case, word got out and soon friends and acquaintances where asking us to produce a contract here, solve a negotiation dispute there. So without any real direction or intention a new Agency was born.

Then the UK property market crash started to show its face and as experienced investors started to dump properties left and right while the inexperienced, believing the hype started to buy up the bargains we took a step back and started to look at the long term reality of the Estate Agent industry in the UK.

What we saw wasn't particularly exciting.

As the market got tighter, fees would obviously start to become the main customer winning tool, as was claiming to be able to achieve the highest possible price for a sale property.

Service, however would become a forgotten thing of the past. The Supermarket approach to property was now here and just as local independent specialists where forced out of business by supermarket chains with rock bottom prices, so to was the years of experience and care that went with the truly professional agent.

Franchise property groups started to pop up in every town promising rock bottom prices while delivering little or no service.

Something different had to be done!

We took the plunge, developed a logo, a mission and invested in a small high street office in the heart of the Cotswolds...

Our goal was to grow a traditional Real Estate Agency, dedicated to old fashioned customer service and expertise while utilising the latest technology and marketing strategies.

This worked brilliantly and the business flourished until a fateful day towards the end of 2014 when we realised that Cavendish Green was never going to be a "Proper Agency"

The reason for this was simple, we where offering far to many unique and bespoke services to our clients to ever be able to compete with the high street agencies who just kept slashing the prices. 

We knew that we would never be able to compete on this level and frankly, we didn't want to. The relationships we had with our clients was to important to sell out on them.

That was when we realised that we where actually Property Consultants who happened to also Sell and Rent properties.. Since we came to that realisation everything has fallen into place. We have stopped trying to stand out in an already crowded market place, stopped trying to be "The Best Agent in Town" and simply focussed on helping our clients achieve their goals and the dreams.

We now have an international client base with portfolios of all sizes who help to get the most out of their investments, we help them with everything property related, from finding their next purchase, renting a place in London or a quiet cottage in the country.  We host numerous lifestyle packages and events to ensure that moving house or growing an investment portfolio is as efficient and enjoyable as it should be.

We run courses and seminars teaching Agents and property owners from across the country the latest property laws, pitfalls and opportunities.

It doesn't matter if you have a large portfolio with multi-millions, looking to buy your first home, wanting to rent your dream home or just looking for a place for a quite place in the country to escape from it all. If it has anything to do with property, we are here to help you.


Our mission is now very simple..

We are here to help you and make the whole process simple and stress free. 
After all it is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, it should be a time of excitement, something you will look back on fondly not under a cloud of regret.


We look forward to working with you.

Lindy and Simon